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The Stoy family believes in treating all people as equals and strives to do a quality and efficient job of farming. We also believe in maintaining all land for future generations, while providing quality income for landowners, employees and ourselves. Our daily objective is to maintain a family-oriented lifestyle through a community approach to all people involved in our farming operation. We believe that future growth through opportunities is essential.



Also known as Dad by the three brothers, Larry started farming in 1960. In December 2006 he decided to retire from farming. Larry still works at the farm in the spring and fall but has time to enjoy traveling and spending the winters in Arizona with his wife Mary Alice since retiring.

Mike Young 2022.jpg


A member of the Stoy Farms team since April 4th of 2007, Mike Young works primarily with spraying and spreading fertilizer and lime. Mike enjoys the aspect that there is almost something new to do every day. When he is not at work, Mike enjoys gardening and spending time with his family.



A member of the Stoy Farms team since 2009, Nik Gorrell primarily works on excavation and drainage jobs. Nik also enjoys working on special projects around the Farm as they come up. In his free time, Nik enjoys spending time with his family.



A member of the Stoy Farms team since 2013, Jeff is a jack of all trades when it comes to work on the farm. Some of the things that he does include equipment operator and truck driver. Jeff’s favorite part about his job is being able to work outside. When he is not at work Jeff enjoys hunting, traveling, and spending time with his grandkids.



Ben started with us part time in August of 2014 while attending Purdue University- Lafayette, studying Ag System Management. After graduation he became full time with his focus on the grain system. In his spare time Ben enjoys working on his trucks and snowmobiles and being with his wife Meredith.

Ron 2022.jpg


After retiring as an electrician of 32 years, Ron Gillen began working part time for Stoy Farms in 2012. He does tillage and rock picking for the farm. In his spare time, Ron enjoys fishing and handgun shooting.



Having been with us since April 2015, Rich enjoys running tractors and equipment. Rich however considers himself a jack of all trades as he will do anything that he is asked. When he is not at the farm he likes to hunt and fish.



Chad has been the mechanic at Stoy Farms since September 2015. Before that, Chad worked at JO Mory for 23 years. In his spare time Chad enjoys hunting, fishing and traveling to see different farms around the US.



Susan was hired as the Financial and in 2017. She received her master's degree in business administration from Defiance college. Susan and her husband live on a small farm outside of Edgerton, Ohio. She has two adult children and five grandkids. Susan is active in Annie's Project and Farm Financial Standards Council. Her hobbies include camping, sewing, reading and spending time with her grandkids!



Employed with Stoy Farms since the fall of 2017, Jack Carpenter is not only an employee but also a long-time landlord! Jack appreciates how there is always something new happening at the farm. He admires how the 3 owners are always looking to improve and innovate the operation and not afraid to try new things. In his spare time, Jack enjoys hunting, fishing and gardening.



Jadyn Davis was hired in August 2023 as a seasonal truck driver. Jayden worked at Stroh Farm Supply in high school through the I.C.E program. She then got her degree in Exercise Science and her personal training certificate from Trine University. Jadyn continues to work at Club Fitness in Angola as a personal trainer while she drives truck for Stoy Farms. In her spare time, Jadyn enjoys truck and tractor pulls, sprint car races, tennis, being outside and spending time with her family. 



Bridget has been a nurse with Parkview Health since 1991 in various roles. In 2018 she wanted to get involved in the family business. Bridget's role at Stoy Farms is tracking grain and fertilizer inventory. Her favorite role is being Nana!

Jeff Leu 2022.jpg


Jeff has been part time with Stoy Farms since 2019. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 31 years and has 2 grown children and a fluffy 12lb fur baby. For 25 years, Jeff worked as a self-employed electrical contractor focusing on commercial and agricultural electrical system. He now enjoys driving truck for Stoy Farms and loves the quiet time driving and thinking. Jeff enjoys traveling.



Jeff Barnes AKA "Barney" began working for Stoy Farms in January 2020 as a truck driver. Jeff has two grown children and two grandchildren. In the summer he likes to go to the sand dunes with his buggy. Jeff also enjoys sitting around a campfire with family and friends.



Also known as Smiley, started with Stoy Farms just in time for the first day of harvest in 2020! Tim enjoys driving the grain cart in the fall. He feels like everyone at Stoy Farms does quality work, they are nice and respectful!



In August of 2020, Neil joined Stoy Farms after having 30 years of experience as a truck and engine mechanic. To say we are lucky to have Neil is an understatement! He enjoys operating equipment when he can get a break from the shop. Neil’s a very easy going guy, which we are sure comes from being the youngest with 4 older sisters!



After 6 years working at a local dairy farm, Logan joined the Stoy Farms team in September of 2020. He started on the first day of harvest running a grain cart and really enjoys that! When he’s not working, Logan enjoys hunting and fixing up an old truck.



Jerry retired in July 2021 after almost 44 years as a CAD draftsman in the reinforcing steel industry. In September 2021 he was hired as a part time truck driver for Stoy Farms! Jerry has 3 grown children. He enjoys being outdoors, doing yard work and tending to his small garden, antique tractors and old 2-cylinder John Deere equipment.



Before starting at Stoy Farms in September 2021, Trevor Mortorff worked on a harvest crew out west. With that equipment experience, Trevor runs a planter in the spring and a combine in the fall for Stoy Farms. Trevor's hobbies include riding 4-wheelers, hanging out with friends and helping his dad farm.



Maggie began working for Stoy Farms in March 2022 as the office manager. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from Indiana University in Business Management. She has been married since 2015 and has two amazing children. In her spare time, Maggie enjoys spending time with family at the lake, competitive horse riding and being outdoors with her children.

Jack wolf 2022.jpg


Retiring after 38 years as a tool and die maker, Jack Wolfe followed in his Uncle Fred Dodge's footsteps and joined the Stoy Farms team in March 2022. Jack does tractor tillage part time and loves it! When he's not working, Jack enjoys hunting, trapping, taxidermy, golf and restoring an old 1981 pick up truck. He has 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren that he is especially proud of as well.

Casey 2022.jpg


Casey has been involved in farming his entire life. He came to Stoy Farms from Winamac, IN in May 2022 and spends most of his time spraying. When not working, Casey enjoys hunting, fishing, steam shows and spending time with his two children.



Tyler graduated from Fremont High School and immediately started working at Stoy Farms in 2022. He does a little of everything at the farm but enjoys doing tillage. When he's not working, Tyler enjoys hunting, fishing and working on equipment.


A few special employees worked for Stoy Farms through retirement.

Larry Stoy.JPG


"Dad" or "22" still works at Stoy Farms, but it's between April and October when he's not in Arizona. He regularly attends our morning meeting, although he may show up a few minutes late. Ken, Kevin and Tom still look to their dad for suggestions and input on their farming practices.

Rodney Stoy.JPG


"Uncle Rodney" is the older brother of Larry Stoy. After trucking his entire career, we were excited to have Uncle Rodney join our team in 2001, hauling grain. If we weren't keeping Uncle Rodney busy enough, Aunt Marsha was always sure to let us know!

Eldon 1.JPG


Eldon started driving a semi for us in April of 2002. His favorite memory was working with Ted Pollard, who also used to drive truck for Stoy Farms. Eldon and his wife Marlene live in Hamilton and enjoy traveling. In January 2023, Eldon lost his battle with cancer but his legacy lives on at Stoy Farms!

Sam 2019.jpg


Sam has enjoyed trucking part time for Stoy Farms since 2015. He has lived in the Brighton area for years and was an over the road trucker before coming to help us farm.  Sam is also a veteran.  Sam will always love driving, as he called it “the big road”. 

Fred Dodge.JPG


Fred was a partner with our dad in a farm drainage business.  Fred always had a grumble and a sly smile with a great sense of humor.  Fred mowed roadsides for us for years.  Now his nephew Jack continues his legacy.  Fred died too early from a very short battle with cancer. 

Horse Ranch


Ted came to farm with us in 1992, referred by our cousin Tim Stoy.  We had many laughs with Ted and treasured our friendship.  We still miss our “Santa Clause”.  Ted loved to farm and tinker with his equipment and rental properties.   We lost Ted in 2013 but we still share stories of him at the farm!

Bryan family 2.jpeg


Bryan Cheesman worked at Stoy Farms from 2018 until February of 2022 when he and his family followed God's nudge to move to Alaska to be missionaries.  To find out more about this mission and if you would like to support their mission, please go to

Jim 2022.jpg


A member of the Stoy Farms team since 2006, Jim Young split his time between driving truck and working in the shop until his retirement in 2023. Jim's favorite part about his job at Stoy Farms was when he got to drive the semi. In his free time, Jim enjoys playing golf and fishing with his grandkids.

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